The publications listed below are available for sale by the Augusta County Historical Society.

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Augusta County History: 1865-1950, by Richard K. MacMaster. Carefully documented, well illustrated, annotated updating of Augusta County history by a skilled professional historian. Essential for understanding Augusta County’s modern history. $30

Augusta Declaration (a poster). Historic statement of the grievances of Augusta County residents against the British in the early days of the American Revolution. $3

Augusta Historical Bulletin, back issues through 1965-1999. Essential collection of research in local history published by the Historical Society since its founding. Indexed. $15

Augusta Historical Bulletin, back issues 2000 to the present. Continuing the Bulletin in new book format. Indexed. $15

Calendar Drawings, by local artist Joe Nutt. Features historic homes, churches, and other landmarks of the County drawn by local artist. Each calendar contains drawings of 13 different landmarks as well as written sketches of each landmark. Available years: 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 (specify year when ordering) $2

Free Negroes in Augusta and Staunton compiled by Katharine G. Bushman. Thoroughly done collection of names from local records vital to understanding early African-American history. Done by an experienced genealogist and local historian. $10

Gibraltar of the Shenandoah–Civil War Sites and Stories of Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County, Virginia by Robert H. Moore II. Accurate and scholarly tour guide to Civil War sites in the Augusta County vicinity. Well illustrated with specific directions to locations. Maps, index, and appendices with names of persons who served. $24.95

Great Valley Patriots by Howard M. Wilson. Inspiring account of patriot leaders of the Shenandoah Valley from the American Revolutionary era by a veteran historian of the Valley. Special emphasis on early Scotch-Irish settlers. $15

J.R. Hildebrand Map. Useful map of first landholders of Augusta County Beverley Manor Tract with identifying tract number for research in county land records. Necessary for understanding early settlers and settlement patterns. $6

Marriage Records #1 (Supplement). Essential compilation of early Augusta County marriage records. Valuable for genealogical researchers. $3

Marriage Records #2. Continuation of early Augusta County marriage records for genealogical researchers. $6

Mills of Augusta County by Janet and Earl Downs. Comprehensive survey of Augusta County flour mills during the age of wheat agriculture in Augusta County. Well illustrated and indexed. Names of many Augusta County families in all parts of the county. $40

Naturalization Records compiled by Katharine G. Bushman. Important collection of names of persons naturalized in local courts from the extensive research of a professional genealogical researcher in Augusta County records. $5

Our Century Together–100 Years of Photos, Memories and News-Leader Front Pages: Publication celebrating centennial of Staunton’s newspaper with many captioned photographs and reproduced front pages from the paper. Many of the photographs have never before been published. Arranged by decade. No index. $29.95

Shirey’s Guide Book to Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro, Virginia by Paul C. Shirey. Contains a wealth of information about landmarks and everyday life from a resident local historian who recorded his memories about the area. Indexed and arranged in alphabetical order. $3

Staunton/Parkersburg Turnpike (4 cassettes) Oral interviews with historians and residents about life along the historic Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike from the days of the stagecoach to the automobile. A colorful story told with humor from a variety of viewpoints. $7.50 each, all for $30

Staunton/Parkersburg Turnpike (CD-ROM) Four disk collection of cassette version of reminiscences of life along this historic road. $9 each, all for $36

A Wilderness So Immense by Jon Kukla. A beautifully written history of the Louisiana Purchase. Well illustrated. Includes the story of Jefferson’s correspondence with Archibald Stuart anticipating the purchase and justifying it. Indexed. $30

Wip Robinson, III by Jones. Biography of beloved Augusta County announcer and radio pioneer. $3

William Sheppard by William Phipps. Carefully researched biography of pioneer African-American Presbyterian minister and missionary to the Congo who was a native of Waynesboro. Sheppard lived in both Staunton and Waynesboro and was instrumental in exposing $22.95

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Augusta County Historical Mug Attractive coffee mug with the Society’s logo. $8.50 plus 43 cents Virginia sales tax, and $6 shipping and handling.

Augusta County Historical Society Tote Bag Sturdy tote bag for carrying those extra books, with the Society’s logo. $12, plus 60 cents Virginia sales tax and $2.50 shipping and handling.