Walton family Cemetery #1

Located on the farm owned by Carlton Sensabaugh, Route 1,
Goshen, Va. His farm entrance is about 1/2 mile south of
the intersection of Route 601 and Route 684 in the Estaline
Valley. The entrance lane adjoins the lane of Little River
Church Cemetery and lies to the west side of Route 601.

This is an unmarked, unenclosed family cemetery lying under
4 cedar trees at the top of the hill above the farmhouse and
is 1/4 mile or more from it.  A stone protrudes from one of
the cedar trees.

The following persons are buried the according to Mr. Sensabaugh,
including some of his family.

Walton, Dr._______ ( a veterinarian)
Walton, Mary Ann   Wife of Dr. Walton
Sensabaugh, _____  First wife of George F. Sensabaugh
Sensabaugh, Walker

Secured by:
Richard M. Hamrick, Jr.
Raymond S. Campbell
Oct. 14, 1983

Mr. Sensabaugh was kind enough to “Jeep” us to this cemetery
and the 2nd Walton cemetery.


Walton Family Cemetery # 2

Located adjacent to the farm owned in 1983 by Carton Sensabaugh,
Route 1, Craigsville. It is located on the West side of Route 601,
about 1/2 mile South of it’s intersection with Route 684 in Estaline
Valley. The entrance lane to the farm adjoins the lane of the Little
River Church Cemetery and lies about 1/2 mile beyond the cemetery.
This cemetery lies on a bluff overlooking the Little Calfpasture
River very close to Bath County line and may in fact be in Bath
County. It is heavily wooded and can hardly be seen from over 50
to 100 feet away. It is fenced with wire fence, now sagging in places,
covered with periwinkel and has some trees and brush in it. It is
approximately 30 X 30 ft. in size.

Two graves with marked stones lie in the Southeast corner of the
cemetery and it also contains 9 other graves, either marked with
field stones or visable due to sinking.

Walton, Nancy b  May 1837 – d 31 May 1909 w/o Carson Walton
Walton, Carson b      1832 – d 13 Jun 1907

Secured by:
Richard M. Hamrick, Jr.
Raymond S. Campbell
Oct. 14, 1983